Since 2023, Vienna Airport is operating CO2-neutrally as one of the first airports in Europe. The focus is on Austria’s largest photovoltaic system on the airfield, supplemented by additional systems on the roof surfaces with 30 million Kilowatt total output.

Furthermore, Vienna Airport is supplied with CO2-neutral district heating. Intelligent building management and solutions for increased energy efficiency, such as converting all lighting systems on site to energy-saving LED systems, enable a sustainable path. A fleet of around 400 E-vehicles is also used at the airport. Smart City control software developed with the Technical University of Vienna optimises energy consumption on site. The first steps for more than 1,000 individual measures so far were taken ten years ago. 

Innovation and participation are the drivers for the sustainable development of the AirportCity. All partners benfit from this.

Hardfacts: Environmental sustainability

// Austria‘s largest photovoltaic plant with a capacity of 24 megawatts peak and an area of 24 hectares 
// Further measures for the reduction of CO2
// Current conversion of the airport vehicle fleet to electric drives
// CO2-free use of district heating
// Large-scale use of LED lighting
// Energy-efficient facility management (implementation of optimised thermal insulation and facade design)
// Bicycle route to the city center for CO2-neutral commuting
// Fuel pipeline from refinery plant directly to the airport and underground fuelling saves about 25,000 truck journeys per year