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The cargo area of Vienna Airport offers all its customers professional and independent cargo services of the highest quality and efficiency. Modern cargo facilities close to the apron guarantee fast and flexible handling for all business partners.

Vienna Airport‘s advantageous location in the heart of Europe makes it the ideal logistics hub for Central Europe-Asia-Pacific transfers. This location, coupled with future-proof facilities for strategic development and a constant focus on expanding the best possible cooperation environment, attracts the strongest companies. We look forward to meeting you.

Hardfacts - Vienna Cargo World

  • // Modern cargo building structure
  • // High density of airlines and destinations
  • // International and national logistic brands
  • // Over-average freight growth
  • // Special facilities and IT-services for logistics companies
  • // Cargo Community mind set
  • // AEO certification
  • // Dedicated pharma handling facilities
  • // IATA, TIACA and WCA vendor member

Advantages of Vienna Cargo World

// Traditional east-west transfer point and Central European node
// Most important airport in the region
// Short aircraft handling times
// Excellent flight connection network
// Perfect transfer concept
// No night flight restrictions for category III aircraft
// More than 70 airlines
// Leader for Eastern European destinations
// Direct and rapid connections to all parts of Europe

Facility hard facts

// Import warehouse: 6,700 sqm
// Export warehouse: 4,500 sqm
// AVI warehouse and handling certified as entrance point for all EU member states

Certified EU entrance airport

// Food, fruit, vegetables and flowers
// Meat & meat products, fish & fish products
// Live animals

Our portfolio & services

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Pharma Handling

Our ambition is to create the fastest, temperature secure transit hub in CEE.

Cargo Handling

More information regarding our scope and services for cargo handling.

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