Cargo area access
Nallian Vehicle DB

Cargo area acces

The access to the cargo area of Vienna Airport is equipped with a camera system for license plate recognition. With the help of the Nallian "Vehicle DB" app, vehicles can be authorized for access by the resident companies.

Important: Registration and use of the standard Vehicle DB App are free of charge.


This landing page provides information regarding the following topics:

I. Information update

II. Vehicle gates status

III. Intercom

IV. Personnel/visitors gates

V. Quick references

VI. Application quick references

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I. Information update

As of now, the Nallian Vehicle DB App is open for user registration. Please use the following link to register in the live system:

Every Tuesday our administrators will review last week’s registrations. As soon as your user account has been approved, you can manage your vehicles on your own.
Please be aware that the initial data load (=manual upload of vehicle data from Excel lists you might have previously provided) is no longer possible, after your registration has been approved. Only Excel lists provided until Friday, December 4th will be processed.

II. Vehicle gates status

During the trial period, all entry gates are still triggered by the induction loop. All vehicles, registered or unregistered, are allowed to pass.

The duration of the trial period depends on the number of registered vehicles. We will need to get the percentage of “known” vehicles as high as possible (measured via a weekly report from the ANPR system) before we can finally “go live” with the ANPR as leading system and disable the induction loop.

Signs will be posted at and near the gates to provide user guidance.

III. Intercom

Intercom stations have been mounted at appropriate height for passenger cars and trucks at both entry gates to the cargo center. If the gate doesn’t open automatically, the driver must contact you via the intercom that is connected to your telephone system.

You can press “0” (=zero) during the call to open the respective vehicle- or personnel/visitors gate remotely.

If you have not communicated a destination number yet, our team will contact you in the near future.

IV. Personnel/visitors gates

The personnel/visitors gates go live two to four weeks prior to the activation of the truck barriers, unless postponement is necessary due to lockdown or other Covid-19 measures.

Access to the cargo area is only possible using RFID-tokens or VIE access cards (or via the intercoms mounted in car park 8 and between car park 8 and vehicle gates) from then on.

V. Quick references

Quick references have been prepared in german and english language, to assist you during the operation of the new application. All necessary processes to manage and approve vehicles for entering the cargo area are documented step by step.

VI. Application quick reference

There are currently two relevant Nallian applications available: The „Community portal“ and the „Vehicle DB App“.

1. Community portal (user account management)

The “Community portal” enables companies on premises to self-register for the usage of the Vehicle DB App and to manage user accounts (logins with e-mail and password).

1.1 Company- and user registration

1. [Willkommen] Click on “Registrieren”
2. [Create user] choose username (=e-mail), name, language, time zone, password, click “next“. Then click on the validation link you receive via e-mail.
3. [Choose organisation] Based on the chosen e-mail domain, you will possibly be asked to join an existing organisation (=registered company). 

a. To do so, select the organisation and click on “Join organisation“. The organisation admin of the selected company will receive an e-mail, asking him to approve your request and thus grant access to the app (see “1.2. Approval”)

b. If not applicable, please click on „Create own organisation“ to create a new company.
Important: One of the following identification numbers is required to create a company profile (VAT, EAN, DUNS or UEN) 

4. [Create organisation] enter organisation name, VAT/EAN/DUNS/UEN, zip, city, country and click on „Create organisation“.
5. [Terms of Use] Read the master services agreement for the platform, tick the checkbox and click on „Agree“. The community admin (=VIE administrator) will get an e-mail notification, asking him to approve your request to include the new company into the community and thus grant access to the app. Your user account will be given the “Organisation Admin” role. 

1.2 Approval (only as an organisation admin)

1. [Willkommen] click on “Bitte einloggen“. 
2. [Sign in] Login with e-mail and password, then click “Sign in“.
3. [Main menu] Under “My Organisation“ choose the menu item auf “Membership requests“ or “Dashboard“ and then “Membership requests“ in the main screen area.
4. [Membership requests] Click on „Actions“ in the row showing the respective user name.
5. [Popup] Using the dropdown, assign the roles „Organisation User“ and "Vdb.OnPremise" and click “Accept”. The roles can later be modified via the menu item “Users” (e.g. to define another “Organisation Admin”).

2. Vehicle DB App

In the Vehicle Database the license plates of authorized users can be managed.

2.1 Managing vehicles

1. [Sign in] Login with e-mail and password, then click “Sign in“.
2. [Terms of Use] This screen is only shown after the very first login. Read the subscription services agreement for the Vehicle DB App, tick the checkbox and click on ”Agree“.
3. [Main menu] Click on “My vehicles“ to list all vehicle entries created by your company.
4. [My vehicles] Click “+ Add vehicle“ to add a new vehicle, or choose one of the existing vehicles to manage it.

a. [Add vehicle] Enter License plate, vehicle type, country and owner.

b. [Slide-in menu] click on “…“ and choose “Edit“ or “Delete“ in the dropdown menu. Via “+Add access right“ you can immediately grant access rights to enter the cargo area.

2.2 Granting access rights

1. [Main menu] Click on “My access rights“ to list all vehicles that have been granted access rights by your company.
2. [My access rights] Click on “+Add access right“ to grant a new access permission, or choose one of the existing vehicles to manage its permission.

a. [Add vehicle] After entering the license plate number, you may have to enter vehicle data (see above), if the vehicle entry hasn’t been already created by another company.

b. [Slide-in menu] Here you can grant or remove access rights as well as modify the data of vehicles that have been created by your company.

2.3 Data transfer to the ANPR

The access permissions granted by all members of the VIE community are combined and automatically transferred to the ANPR system every 15 minutes.